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Fluoroscopy is the use of real-time x-rays (similar to video) for diagnostic tests often using contrast medium such as barium or other x-ray dye.

Barium is a dense liquid that can be used to outline different parts of the gastro-intestinal tract. It is used for barium swallows (oesophagus), barium meals (stomach and duodenum) and small bowel follow-throughs (small intestine).

Fluoroscopy can also be used for other procedures to guide needle insertion for pain relief injections for example facet joints in the spine.

A specialist fertility examination in women known as a Hysterosalpinogram where x-ray dye is injected into the uterus and fallopian tubes to check for normal function also uses fluoroscopy.

Nelson Radiology has a particular expertise in the following examinations using fluoroscopy.

Further detailed information on what each procedure involves, preparation etc. will be given to you before your examination and any questions answered thoroughly.

For some of these exams, the Consultant Radiologist will perform the procedure and a verbal report will be given to you at the time, which will be then typed up and sent to your referrer. For other exams where the Radiographer performed the examination the images will be viewed later by the Radiologist and reported on within 72 hours. Again these results will be sent to whoever referred you for the investigation.