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CT Scann

Computed Tomography (CT) scans

Computed Tomography of the body uses special x-ray equipment to help detect a variety of diseases and conditions.

More commonly referred to by the abbreviation CT scanning it uses traditional x-rays to produce multiple images of the inside of the body.

The cross-sectional images that are generated throughout the scan can be viewed in different ways- reformatted in multiple planes due to advanced computer software. 3Dimensional images can also be generated. With advancing technology in multi-detector scanning, CT imaging is one of the fastest and most accurate examinations for examining the body because of the level of detail provided. It is often the best method for:

Nelson Radiology reports CT scans which have been performed on scanners which combine state of the art software with low radiation dose scanning to give the highest resolution imaging. After a high quality scan has been obtained our Consultant Radiologist will interpret the images the same day and send a report to your own Consultant or GP.

The CT scanner is very quick and quiet and you are unlikely to be in the scan room for more than five to ten minutes although the scanning time itself is usually less than one minute. Although you do pass through a tunnel during the scan, unlike an MRI scan, the CT tunnel is very short and the scan time brief, so patients very rarely feel claustrophobic.

Specialised CT techniques reported by Nelson Radiology include:

Cardiac CT to accurately image the coronary arteries without the need for an invasive angiogram. Cardiac CT is recommended by NICE as the first line test to investigate chest pains , or cardiac symptoms in patients who are considered to be low risk for coronary artery disease.

CT Colonography is an alternative to a traditional colonoscopy, creating a 3D visualisation of the colon to detect polyps and cancers.
The demand for this test is growing rapidly especially as a screening tool as it has been shown to be equally accurate, more tolerable by the patient and far less invasive than a conventional colonoscopy.

CT Angiography is to evaluate the blood vessels of the arm and legs without the need for more invasive techniques.
More details on what is involved and what you will experience during these examinations will be explained to you in great detail before the examinations and any questions you have answered.